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« Empty architecture » > Dubaï - Benidorm - Paris


The graphical and colorimetric esthetics of this series jumps out at you. One can find it pleasing or not but it’s obvious that this is a work that leaves behind the notion of concept, it’s emancipated from the domineering need of a search for meaning.


Here the photography uses perception more than concepts. The buildings are dispossessed, giving a sculptural effect. We are immersed in a new alphabet built with signs. On the frameworks or structures we can decipher an artistic language borrowed from reality.


These images represent an instant in architectural space, they offer up an inventory of the buildings, a sort of ‘buffer’ stage in the middle of construction.


The photographic object thus drifts towards an artistic alias. From empty architecture emerges “ex-nihilo” a photographic sculpture.




« Modeling the urban stereotype » © 2000-2001


In 2000 I started working on a representation of urban society. I imagined the final work to be made up of a multitude of negatives. The shots led me to isolate several instances of the same urban scene which, through digital arrangements, formed just one large photographic work.

These urban landscapes beckon a double interpretation: from afar, a human mosaic; up close, a thousand and one details of crisscrossing cells, each with its own unique history. Imagined or real, these compositions set a stage for random crowds.

Observed in their daily movements, great throngs of people flow in circles and end up forming a mirage, a "mirror of alienation". Giving this perspective to reality plants a decorative frame onto super-charged megacities.




« Monograph of the social masses  » © 2001-2002


This series suggests a certification, a kind of social coring of urban layers. I try to decipher reality by revealing its multiple facets and, finally, I ask myself what is the relationship between individuals and their social landscape.

These photographs offer a glance at the furniture, the dress codes, and the schedules which normalize life and enclose each player in this world. Skyscrapers saturated with employees suggest the frantic activity of an anthill. Does man find himself in these endless and pretend labyrinths everyday ?



« Social consulting vol.1 » © 2004


To drive by, over and over, these hallucinatary homes, for the most part planted right on the edge of the Parisian ring road, at the heart of the noise and pollution of the highway ended up hitting me in my conscience.  All of a sudden it became obvious to me that we need to be aware of the extent of the damage, that we need to rid ourselves of the trivialisation of the situation which alienates our vision of reality.

Through a visual paradox that brings together opposites, my goal is to illustrate the depth of this social trauma. The radical parody using an advertising slogan "social consulting" reads like a brand message; the title as an advertising slogan. Well-used to these codes and visuals, the viewer hesitates until he "gets" the discrepancy.

Here, prosperity rubs elbows with survival, as if a sort of economic fatality is inevitable. The "structural deficit" moves from the economic sphere to the social sphere.  This reality short circuit illustrates the abyss between the haves and the have-nots, and underlines the desperation of the latter.



« Cells » © 2007/2008


With the architecture of offices today being more transparent, in 2007 I decided once again to explore this area as an extension of my work of social urban archaeology.

These photographs capture the reality of individuals who are closely linked to modern architecture. They dig into the world of the service sector through the glass openings of modern office towers. Open spaces become completely accessible then and reveal the details of a standardized world which usually escape us.

In architectural chaos, it is the recurrence and obsessive repetition which finally lead to the crumbling of unknown beings.




« Intra muros » © 2008


When we speak of  "housing estates", most people immediately put an image to the term. My desire was to propose my own vision on the collective unconscious, exploring what we could call a new archetypal anthill.

These works were realised at the extreme limits of the Parisian cityscape. The border between the city and the suburbs is constantly evolving and is giving birth to a disturbing absurdity.

These slices of life, seemingly well-ordered, all look alike, giving a sense of reassurance. They are full of repetition and devoid of any distinction, causing a haunting sense of emptiness. No city center here; the absence of any trade or commerce and collective spaces fills one with the feeling of being lost in an unlimited maze.

"intra muros", or how the desire of 'to each his own' gives forth to an unreal urban model.





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