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Urban D-Construction

In these new works the images are the result of a new order created by
re-assembling my everyday visual reality - markings and urban landscapes that surround me.
I went to the streets of Wynwood neighbourhood and pulled images directly from there, and later returned to the studio to tear and reassemble them in search of a new essence, and perhaps a new understanding.
Deconstructing these images has lead me to a new visual order, a place to explore, and a new home to dwell.
Colourwise I continue to explore a sort of rev-up, yet very controlled pallet, minimal in colour and very rich in tonalities.
Here the narrative reveals itself as a series of strips of data, a film made up of all of the thousands of bits of information and images and objects that surround us and we are forced to process and discard daily, a statement about our times and the places we live in, as well as an invitation to look at our surroundings in a entirely new way.


Jore Enrique
Miami, July 2009






 “In these new works, I begin to explore the importance of numbers in our society as symbols which define our perception of time and history.
With a change in our counting system, time would remain the same but human perception of time and, as a result, human action would change.
For example, if you were to line a pile of stones up on a table, count them, and assign a number to each and you were later to change the counting system, this new rule would have no effect on the amount or physical nature of the stones.
The creation of a new counting system merely gives most stones different names.
While the stones are unchanged, no matter what we call them, the human perception changes as their numerical names change.
In this relationship between reality and perceived reality that interests me, these works are a visual exploration of this intellectual space. “


Jorge Enrique, Miami, 2007





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