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Détournements de fonds

In the labyrinths of our cities, amid tortuous wiring, inside hoses, in the piles of wrecked objects and manufacture rubbish – everywhere we find the print of man’s work.  


The time has left its mark on these rough landscapes and decrepit materials giving a chance to dust, dirt and erosion to make its job too.   


 In some way the contemplation of this spectacle is similar to the contemplation of a still life or a perspective, an abstraction or an artifact. Thus, a spectator may feel delight and aesthetic pleasure.  It is obvious, because the art is right here, in the street, as far as an eye can see. The city itself is an Empire of “ready-made”: one shall always remember about it.

The question is: how to introduce this art to people, how to make them to feel it and to like it? To find a trick how to present to an average eye the full range of emotions that the street spectacle offers.  Design or even anti-design - that is the trick.


To fabricate functional objects filled by hidden potential of the industrial aesthetics or to fix together mechanical pieces found here and there, to make them “live together” in purpose to create an absolutely new item - here comes the art that reminds us the beauty  and the elegance of city  each time we touch it. Moreover, for artist it is also a medium to share his view of the World.

Noart, 2005






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