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102 serie.


The notions of « snap shot », image and time are the heart of this project.
All the paintings have the same size: 130 x 97 cm. They create a confusion between individual history and collective history, by combining ambiguously with photo, vodeo a,d painting.

All together the 102 paintings are a movie, a moment of life. The writings and pictograms allow the put them together. There is no beginning, no end; the indications only allow to know which was the previous painting and which is the next one.



Patrice Palacio
Montpellier, 2005




jamais 203 serie.


This project is based on art history. Each painting contains a strong reference to it but with the formal shape of a photo-novel.
Each work shows someone I know. It makes them pretty autobiographical, with an odd or ironical, not to say absurd, aspect of the over-presence of the reference in the contemporary creation. All the paintings have the same vertical dimensions, 130 x 97 cm.

On each of them, a black line down the composition with a hand-made standard white writing (the white is actually the canvas) create a dialogue. Or a sub-title. Although it does have a direct connection with the image, the dialectical confrontation starts immediately and expands the narrative.

I could as well tell that I had a story in mind and I wrote a script. I widespread the dialogues  of these man’s adventure in my paintings. And I watch if they open new doors.



Patrice Palacio
Montpellier, 2009







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