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Patrice Palacio


Born in 1977. Lives and works in Montpellier.




Master in visual communication
Laureate Professor of Fine Arts


Exhibitions and awards




French Institute, Mayence, Germany
Art Elysées, Castangalerie
Fictions, galerie Olivier Waltman
Art Paris, galerie Olivier Waltman
Lille Art fair, castangalerie
London Art Fair, galerie Olivier Waltman



Art Elysées, Castangalerie
Castangalerie, Perpignan
Art London, galerie Olivier Waltman
Art Miami, galerie Olivier Waltman
Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris




Mise en cène with "L'ultima Cena" (curator Roger Castang, Perpignan)
Galerie Seine 51, Paris
Lille Art Fair, Castangalerie, Perpignan
Art Elysées, Castangalerie
Qu'est que l'Art Actuel ?, Castangalerie




My favourites, Galerie Seine 51, Paris. Group show with Jeff Cowen, David Hamilton, Otto Muel...
Exhibition in partnership with Cinna 
St’art 2007, Contemporarary Art Fair of Strasbourg, Castangalerie
Auctions with Art Curial, Paris




Galerie Seine 51. Group show
Déjeuner sur l'herbe, Group show with 34 versions of Monet’s artwork. Congres Center, Perpignan
Castangalerie, Perpignan
St'art 2006, Castangalerie. Revelation Award




Castangalerie, Perpignan. One man show
Galerie N, Montpellier. One man show
Galerie Seine 51, Paris. Group show
St’Art, Castangalerie, Perpignan. One man show
Musée Ceret. Villa du flot and Castangalerie
Castangalerie, Perpignan
Galerie N, Montpellier. Group show
St'art 2005, Castangalerie




Galerie N, Montpellier. Group show
Artenim', Castangalerie,  Perpignan.
Galerie N, Montpellier. Group show
Galerie St Ravy, Montpellier.  One man show
Collective  Art puissance 4, Congres center, Perpignan. Exhibition of 12 artists: Combas, Viallat, Clément, Riba, …




Grupo Batik Art, Barcelona. Group show for the 30. Birthday of the gallery


Pompéi,  Castangalerie,  Perpignan. One man show.

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